Adventures of the Forgotten Realms

Butcher's butchery
Our heroes' paths cross for the first time.
Everyone has travelled for different reasons to the city of Trail's End, located close to the Dunwood on the River Easting. The city is fairly large with a population of around 15000 and the castle is under the rule of Baron Donlevy.

The murder of Mary Anne has been committed in the rented room next to our heroes, and they have been accused. They have 1 day to find the murderer. They start by looking at the crime scene and notice some writing on the wall in abyssal as well as footprints in the mud next to the window. The wound was inflicted by a serrated knife.
The party follows a clue about some halfling campers – one of which was called Brian – making trouble and stumble upon them in the forest, finding out that they have stolen items they report to the Bloodstone Gems Mining guild – where they meet Sandy and the receptionist. A tracker, by the name of Bill, links the footprints to a nobleman and the party investigates/interrogates. After the lucky sighting of a dagger, later found to be serrated and with abyssal writing on it, in the shoe of Lieutenant Thackeray, the party apprehends him and are freed of their charges as well as being given his position in the constabulary in return for their service.

- The Chronicles of the Five Year 1640

44274 c1 blackguard

Welcome to the Underdark - having you body feasted on is now buy one get one free.
Our unlucky lieutenants narrowly escape becoming spellplagued.
The day starts out with a message from the courier boy, Ian, and he informs the new lieutenants of their duties. After getting ready the party head to Captain Perth to confirm these orders, seeing Lord Pompleby and a fat stuffy man on their way. The Captain tells them that they are to patrol the woods to the south-east of the town. At about midday the party crosses a bridge to find themselves surrounded by goblins and hobgoblins. Duncan charges ahead - white limed eyes blazing - to attack the most dangerous looking of the goblins, the chef - still holding cleaver and rabbit carcass in hand - swings at Duncan but does not hit. Taieem then initiates combat with multiple enemies, who - once the dogs pull him to the floor - is bombarded by attacks from all sides, whilst Gil helps out by shooting flaming bolts and healing the injured. The new weapons that were acquired the day before seemed to have their own attitudes to what was going on. Erevan skirted some of the enemies surrounding Taieem and rampaged across the battlefield - focusing on removing the ranged attackers. Duncan stood bravely, surrounded by many, and took very few hits - whenever his fullblade hit it tossed goblin limbs around. Near the end of the fight, the ambushers broke the back lines of defence and a large hobgoblin - blue spellplague sheathing his whole body - who looked as ripped as Torm came out of the hole to the underdark and took his prisoners in, even Gil, who almost swam away. The party fell for about 14 seconds and landed on a sea of docile spellplagued rats. After a short time in the holding pens the party were moved to a pool of green chemicals that we deduced to be inducers of the spellplague, where they were almost bathed before the goblins noticed that Duncan was noted as being property of the Drow. Not seeking to enrage their neighbours, the goblins dragged the semi-concious party away and dumped them and their equipment at a tunnel. After besting a gelatinous cube that had eaten their weapons the group rested for a while, feeling a little bit more experienced in the arts of adventuring.

- The Chronicles of the Five Year 1640


Setting the city ablaze
Our party: putting the ass back into assassination
Out the party stumbles onto a ledge barely three metres in depth, which is hanging off a stalactite from the top of the cavern the city occupies. Everyone decides that now would be a good time to catch their breath and make themselves breakfast. With the water boiling in the pan, rumbling is heard - small stones from above rain into the pan, splashing those tending it with scolding water. The ledge gives way at the edges and those closer to the centre move back, throwing a rope to Drakma, who was caught napping near the new edge. Using ropes and climbing kits, the party hurriedly rock-climbs - avoiding falling rocks - down the stalactite to land on a drow house. With the commotion above the house, it was not long until the guardsmen climbed the stairs only to find a dozen heavily armored (and one bard not so armored) men standing on the roof. A fight ensues, the party manages to push the guardsmen down the stairs and off the edge of the roof, but a drow magician slings spider webs over the attackers. Duncan, also falling down the stairs, has a flash of memory - he remembers in some way how the necklace he wears was enchanted by a drow mother. After dispatching of the guards, the party joins Duncan to remove some mercenary guards in the house also before finding me in the library. One of them steals my book away from me, but I manage to grab it back before using the window of escape. I seem to have lost a page of ancient text to them that day.

- The Chronicles of the Five Year 1640

Torn paper

I only managed to divine their actions after they had entered the Lady's hall. The party spread out, attacking the priestesses nearby whilst Gil seemed more interested in dancing with the male drow for the Matriarch. A figure in the corner, tied to a post, was being whipped by a priestess at the time. Assorted slaves, including Jane - a one time girl of the bard - and a dwarf (recently renamed 'Krug Stonehelm' and freed), made themselves scarcer.

- The Chronicles of the Five Year 1640

Pale drow

A wicked spider, supposedly the pet of the Matriarch, leaped from head to head - sinking its fangs into all those around, whilst the Matriarch herself took on Gil in a battle - lashing out with a serpentine whip over and over. Gil, reeling from the onslaught, shoots down the chandelier from the ceiling - which crashes down, setting the dais on fire. Taieem bravely surges towards the enemies, shielding behind him the slaves, and Erevan uses scimitar and longsword to do away with the priestesses. Fleeing from the fire, Gil sees Jane voluntarily plunge herself into the inferno once she recognizes him. Gil and the others now crowd around the Matriarch to slay her whilst also freeing the supposedly captive drow male swordsman. This swordsman then glances around before summoning to his hand a sword and betraying his liberators.

- The Chronicles of the Five Year 1640

Drow fighter


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