Adventures of the Forgotten Realms

Welcome to the Underdark - having you body feasted on is now buy one get one free.

Our unlucky lieutenants narrowly escape becoming spellplagued.

The day starts out with a message from the courier boy, Ian, and he informs the new lieutenants of their duties. After getting ready the party head to Captain Perth to confirm these orders, seeing Lord Pompleby and a fat stuffy man on their way. The Captain tells them that they are to patrol the woods to the south-east of the town. At about midday the party crosses a bridge to find themselves surrounded by goblins and hobgoblins. Duncan charges ahead - white limed eyes blazing - to attack the most dangerous looking of the goblins, the chef - still holding cleaver and rabbit carcass in hand - swings at Duncan but does not hit. Taieem then initiates combat with multiple enemies, who - once the dogs pull him to the floor - is bombarded by attacks from all sides, whilst Gil helps out by shooting flaming bolts and healing the injured. The new weapons that were acquired the day before seemed to have their own attitudes to what was going on. Erevan skirted some of the enemies surrounding Taieem and rampaged across the battlefield - focusing on removing the ranged attackers. Duncan stood bravely, surrounded by many, and took very few hits - whenever his fullblade hit it tossed goblin limbs around. Near the end of the fight, the ambushers broke the back lines of defence and a large hobgoblin - blue spellplague sheathing his whole body - who looked as ripped as Torm came out of the hole to the underdark and took his prisoners in, even Gil, who almost swam away. The party fell for about 14 seconds and landed on a sea of docile spellplagued rats. After a short time in the holding pens the party were moved to a pool of green chemicals that we deduced to be inducers of the spellplague, where they were almost bathed before the goblins noticed that Duncan was noted as being property of the Drow. Not seeking to enrage their neighbours, the goblins dragged the semi-concious party away and dumped them and their equipment at a tunnel. After besting a gelatinous cube that had eaten their weapons the group rested for a while, feeling a little bit more experienced in the arts of adventuring.

- The Chronicles of the Five Year 1640




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