Adventures of the Forgotten Realms

Butcher's butchery

Our heroes' paths cross for the first time.

Everyone has travelled for different reasons to the city of Trail's End, located close to the Dunwood on the River Easting. The city is fairly large with a population of around 15000 and the castle is under the rule of Baron Donlevy.

The murder of Mary Anne has been committed in the rented room next to our heroes, and they have been accused. They have 1 day to find the murderer. They start by looking at the crime scene and notice some writing on the wall in abyssal as well as footprints in the mud next to the window. The wound was inflicted by a serrated knife.
The party follows a clue about some halfling campers – one of which was called Brian – making trouble and stumble upon them in the forest, finding out that they have stolen items they report to the Bloodstone Gems Mining guild – where they meet Sandy and the receptionist. A tracker, by the name of Bill, links the footprints to a nobleman and the party investigates/interrogates. After the lucky sighting of a dagger, later found to be serrated and with abyssal writing on it, in the shoe of Lieutenant Thackeray, the party apprehends him and are freed of their charges as well as being given his position in the constabulary in return for their service.

- The Chronicles of the Five Year 1640

44274 c1 blackguard


Hey, thanks for the great session everyone. It would be quite cool if someone could keep a little journal of what is happening as you go along. I will note down all the basic facts but you can add in your individual experiences. Also, congratulations, you are now all level 2!! Please update your characters accordingly.

Butcher's butchery

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